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Profile DNA Weight Loss & Wellness
2820 W Maple Rd
TroyMI 48084
 (248) 792-5168
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Profile DNA Weight Loss & Wellness
Wellness Center in Troy, MI

At Profile DNA Weight Loss & Wellness, we're devoted to guiding you on your path to achieving optimal well-being. We take a holistic, realistic approach to health, offering a variety of services customized to you and your individual wellness goals. Whether you aim to shed extra pounds, refresh your diet, or naturally enhance your life, we're here to support, encourage, and facilitate your lifestyle change.

For those looking for a weight loss program or weight management service, our wellness center has access to innovative technology that allows our professionals to use your DNA profile as a tool to shed those pounds, maintain weight, and keep unwanted fat from returning to your body. We know that fad diets and workout routines don't always provide the results you desire, and our specialists have discovered that it's because the problem often lies within something you can't change: your DNA. By understanding your individual DNA profile and creating a plan customized to you, you can expect to see a dramatic change in your weight and overall health.

Offered as a supplement to a weight loss program or as its own service, Profile DNA Weight Loss & Wellness also offers nutrition consultation. Our diet plans will allow you to eat "normal" food, shop in "normal" stores, and even continue with your busy lifestyle without interruption. Feel better and look better with our personalized meal plans and guided support.

We also offer homeopathic support and detoxification with our Young Living essential oils. Improve energy, relieve stress, reduce pain, and more in a holistic, realistic way.

We believe in offering the benefits of our wellness center no matter where you live. Therefore, our holistic care programs are offered both in-person as well as remotely, making them accessible to individuals throughout the United States and worldwide. Feel confident in receiving unparalleled care and long-term support, as our experienced healthcare professionals will help you adjust to the changes your body and mind are making during your wellness journey.  

Give our health and nutrition consultant a call at (248) 792-5168 to get started today!

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